Heartland Poker Tour Brings in First Million Dollar Prize Pool

The HPT is running hotter than Vikki Blows as the tour brought in its first $1M prize pool.

It’s official: live poker is here to stay.

Since The Events of 4/15TM, almost every single live poker event is exceeding expectations and in some cases, reaching record numbers.

The Heartland Poker Tour is no exception, as the popular brand realized its first million dollar prize pool this weekend.

The HPT Golden Gates event in Black Hawk, Colorado brought in 668 players, creating a prize pool of just over a milli. First place will bank $292,000.

After four flights, a total of around 115 remain. Among those still in contention include Joe Sebok, Bernard Lee, Survivor contestant Jim Rice, and of course Krzysztof Styvaniewicz.

Get updates on the HPT twitter feed here or on QuadJacks here.


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