Heartland Poker Tour Hostess Contest

Ok, wishful thinking...

We don’t feel like we do enough for our female readers. Like post more pictures of ourselves. Or geniunely think that they’re funny or intelligent.

But truthfully, female readers have had our back for a long, long time. So here’s very cool opportunity for our female readers (or girlfriends/wives of our male readers) who are looking for a chance to break into the broadcast field or just do something cool and different. It’s just a small token of appreciation–a way to give back something to our female audience. Think of it as our own version of Idol Gives Back, except there’s no charity involved or celebrities or musical acts.

The Heartland Poker Tour, through Wicked Chops Poker, is holding an open-casting call for a TV hostess for their upcoming event at the Turning Stone Casino on May 14th (read more here). To qualify, all you need to do is submit a headshot/photo OR link to a (SFW?) video of yourself to wickedchopspoker @ gmail.com between now and April 30. We will select and name a group of 5 finalists. From there, voting will be held on the Heartland Poker Tour Facebook fan page (here) to narrow the field down to three.

The final three will then be flown to Turning Stone for a final screen test audition. The winner will be the on-air hostess for the event and have a chance for future hosting gigs with the production.

Get on it. Submit your headshot/photos links to wickedchopspoker @ gmail .com today.


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