Hellmuth, Chaplin, Ulysses S. Grant, The Hulk and Musings on Underground Poker

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Npr_ongambling_image_300_1When I write a story about poker, I tend to go off on irrelevant rants about Brazilian supermodels or the shag-du-jour of sexy starlet Sienna Miller.

When NPR does a story about poker, they talk about the book “Chance Meetings: Intertwined Lives of American Writers and Artists” by Rachel Cohen.

To each his own I guess.

In a recent podcast over at alt.NPR, Mike Pesca, NPR’s gambling go-to guy, somehow linked the aforementioned book and its tales of encounters between Charlie Chaplin and poet Hart Crane and Ulysses S. Grant and photographer Matthew Brady with the much ballyhooed rendezvous of AK-Rod and Phil Hellmuth at a New York underground poker club. Starting off with a bit of an exposition on the Cohen book (and without photos of Alessandra Ambrossio to keep me entertained), I quickly lost interest in this podcast that was recommended to us by one of ours readers. To be honest, I thought I somehow had clicked the wrong file — perhaps the “Books I’ll Never Read” podcast or maybe “Audio Files to Fall Asleep To.”

Hulk_thingBut things did get a little bit better when Pesca managed to jump from Chaplin and √árane to some comic book spiel about what would happen if The Hulk and The Thing got together. Now, I’ve never been much of a comic book fan, and I don’t think I’ve ever owned one in my life (Archie perhaps?), but 30 or 40 seconds into this podcast, the thought of The Hulk and The Thing “getting together” reeled me back in just in time for the podcast to turn its attention to, believe it or not, poker.

New York underground poker to be exact.

Which is perfect timing considering recent discussions here, elsewhere and pretty much everywhere on the subject.

And despite what I’ve already said, the podcast is a good listen, or at best, worth a listen, as Pesca talks with several underground players about the scene as well as recent events, the laws at issue and where we go from here.

To check it out, go to the link and subscribe to the NPR Gambling podcast. If you have iTunes, go to the “Podcast” library, click on “Advanced,” then “Subscribe to Podcast” and copy and paste the url:


And to keep you entertained while you listen, after the jump are some pics that are a little more NSFW than NPR . . .

The always alluring Alessandra Ambrosio . . .



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