Hellmuth In, Maguire Out

Phil Hellmuth final arrived at 1:40pm.  Just as he got here, Tobey Maguire busted out.  Maguire had cowboys, and the flop came up Kc-Qc-Xc, giving Maguire a set.  He moved all in and was called by a guy with Aces (and one club).  The river produced a fourth club making a nut flush, and Maguire goes back to being Peter Parker.

On the 4th Street tip, Dino (left) has doubled up and is back over 10k.  Sandman (right) still is hanging around the 7-8k level.



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  1. Shawn

    July 8, 2005 4:36 pm, Reply

    Vaughn the SANDMAN ROCKS!!!! Willis and I are here checking in guys, so keep the Sandman updates coming :)

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