Hey, You’re Not Too Bad Yourself…

"Yeah Michele, those Entities are some sexy pigs…"

Our favorite poker cougar Michele Lewis debuted her first Girl on Girl column in the latest Bluff Magazine. The interviewee: poker hottie Erica Schoenberg.

The topic of Wicked Chops Poker came up in one of the questions. The copy and pasting of that is seen below:

ML:  You get a lot of coverage, specifically from Wicked Chops Poker… are you flattered by their coverage or do you think they’re just a bunch of sexist pigs? 

ES:  Well, I don’t think you can deny that much of what they write is sexist, but I still think it’s pretty hilarious.  I mostly find it flattering and amusing whenever they mention me!  You know you’ve arrived when Wicked Chops talks about you…

Wait wait wait. "sexist pigs" or "sexy pigs?" Clearly Matt Parvis and Lance Bradley missed that in the editing process. Michele, turn your articles in sooner so they have time to catch such errors, ok? 


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  1. michele lewis

    December 14, 2008 9:30 pm, Reply

    Maybe it was Parvis’ and Bradley’s spell check from the new politically correct version of office 2025.
    Nonetheless, how can I label Wicked Chops Poker “sexy” if I’ve never met Wicked Chops Poker in person?

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