High Stakes Poker Not 86’d at GSN, Coming Back for 5th Season

Brandon Adams looking at his nose at the 2008 WSOP

Brandon Adams, who could give Scott Clements a run for his money in a staring contest, is one of the pros featured on High Stakes Poker.

More good news for people who like to watch people play poker on television.

While a few months ago it looked like certain death for the popular poker TV show High Stakes Poker, just the other day GSN reps confirmed that they are picking up the option on the 5th season of High Stakes Poker.

Read about it here.

Our story on HSN possibly getting 86’d last May here.

Watch our pilot episode for a show we’re pitching GSN called “Jeff Madsen’s Human Bowling and Other Stupid Things He’ll Do for a Few Bucks or Just for the Hell of It Cause He’s Drunk” here.

Video of hot chicks in bikinis handling fresh meat here.


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