Hooters Opens Casino in Vegas – Company Personifies All That is Great About America

Cover60Thursday night, Hooters officially opened its casino and hotel in Las Vegas. Horny single men and athletes looking to impregnate beautiful buxom redneck woman around the world rejoiced.

We kid.  We love Hooters

Hooters is all that’s great about America.

Located just off the Strip and across from the MGM, the too-corny-to-be-true 696-room property was revamped from the old San Remo hotel and casino.  Unlike the average breast size of its female employees, the 696 room hotel is actually much smaller compared to its competitors.  For comparison’s sake, Hooters has roughly 4,300 less rooms than the MGM.

This is fine though, because the real story here is the ever growing Hooters empire.  In a testament to all that is great about America, Hooters, based right here in Atlanta, was started by six fun-loving businessmen, with no experience in the restaurant industry. The first joint opened in Clearwater, FL (so appropriate) with just some girls in orange shorts, lousy chicken wings, an owl logo, and some big breastseses.

60_michele5Since then, Hooters has grown from A-cup to D-cup proportions, now with 375 restaurants, a magazine, an airline, and a casino with a poker room.

As Yakov Smirnoff would say, "I love this country."

Wicked Chops Poker just missed the grand opening while in Vegas a few weeks ago, but it will certainly be on the docket during our next Sin City trip.  If any of our Vegas readers have been, please let us know what you think.  We’re hoping there’s plenty of girls like what you’ll find at the jump to keep your mind off of all the money the house is plucking from your wallet.  Which is fine. Because if any company in the country deserves your money, its Hooters.

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  1. snake

    February 4, 2006 1:01 pm, Reply

    the addict and i were once waited on by a hooters chick who was about 7 months preggers, wore bike shorts and an XXL white tee.
    so hot.

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