Horrible Headline Alert: What a Wonderful World! John Hennigan Wins WPT Winter Poker Open

Borgatawinteropen1_1Leave it to Card Player to ruin the sort of triumphant return of Johnny "World" Hennigan to the poker scene.

Hennigan…one of the more recognizable faces during the first phase of the poker boom…hasn’t so much "done much" on the tournament scene the past year and a half as he "hasn’t done much."

However, Hennigan kicked off 2007 right with his first ever WPT title, winning the Winter Poker Open and banking $1,606,223.

And this would be the big news of the day. Except Card Player ruined it.

Don’t get us wrong. The Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker LOVE spite. Fucking love it. For real. You have no idea. And clearly Card Player is sick of the bombs some publications keep throwing their way.

But Card Player’s video of a BLUFF tournament reporter allegedly copying their tournament chip counts and reports has ended up being the big story of the day…instead of Hennigan’s win.

For more on the "scandal," check out Pauly’s excellent post on the subject.


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