Hot Asian Sex Educator Jenny Woo Dating WSOP Final Tablist Ylon Schwartz?

Jennywoo1 reported the other day that its venerable reporter Jenny Woo was dating one of the freed November Nine hostages or not dating but maybe banging. Or maybe they were just having dinner together in Miami. Anyway, wouldn't say the name of the player but we can confirm that it was…drumroll please….oh wait, we wrote it in the headline. So yeh, WSOP ME fourth place finisher Ylon Schwartz had dinner and drinks the other night with our favorite Hot Asian Sex educator Jenny Woo. 

Good for him. 

Our waiter/source tells us that Ylon dropped about $600 on the dinner, which is about $600 more than what he needed to spend to get Woo naked. 


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  1. JW

    December 4, 2008 11:40 am, Reply

    What a joke.. Gambling 911 is the “Weekly World News” of the poker world. Articles penned by “Guest” that have no merit being published at all, who Jenny Woo dates and crap articles by some crossdresser names Sparky Collins…
    I still await the day that Costigan can put real news on the site.

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