Bonjour Senorita, Come Stai?

Hot European Girl at 2009 WSOP

As much as we give Euros a hard time on WCP, we'd love to give a hard time to hot European girls like the one above. If you know what we mean? Wink, wink.

One of the The only good things about a bunch of Euros coming to play the World Series of Poker is the hot European girls that tag along. Love them European girls. They’re blessed with natural good looks, a killer sense of style, exude sensuality and they’re passionate lovers in bed, and we’re not just using “passionate” as code for “into anal, threesomes and sex anywhere/anytime of day.” Okay, sure we are. And the feelings have always been mutual. European girls love themselves some Entities. Almost as much as black girls do.

Anyway, this hot foreign Girl on the Rail (also in this post) is our new favorite, if only because she’s within distance of our photographer’s zoom lens right now and she’s grabbing at some dude’s pants.

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  1. brianguy

    July 1, 2009 11:10 am, Reply

    does it still count as On The Rail if you’re sitting? jw.

    Pic 8 of 8 is phenomenal, I realize it’s the same girl but the rest were just O.K.!

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