Hot German Olympians Get Naked for Playboy, Strip Leryn Franco of Hottest Olympian Title

Katharina Scholz, Nicole Reinhardt, Petra Niemann, Romy Tarangul are the German Olympians who stripped for Playboy

 Romy Tarangul (l.) and Katharina Scholz (r.) are two of the four German Olympians who stripped for Playboy.

Hot chick athletes continue to pile up in Beijing like gold medals in Michael Phelps‘ swim bag.

The latest, and shall we say greatest, news from The Asian Countries is word that four hot Olympians from Germany, so they’re into freaky porn with poo, have posed nude for the latest issue of Playboy Germany.

The girls and their respective sport are as follows: Petra Niemann (sailing), Nicole Reinhardt (kayaking), Romy Tarangul (judo) and Katharina Scholz (field hockey). See the Olympic schedule here so you can set your TiVo accordingly.

Check out NSFW shots of the foursome on the German Playboy site here. As you’ll see, these girls aren’t just athletic hot, they’re hot hot, and by getting naked, have officially dethroned Leryn Franco as the hottest Olympians in 2008. Way to go girls. Barring an Alicia Sacramone sex tape, the title should stay yours.

Hat tip to TheSpoiler and Both sites are all over hot chicks at the Olympics like Sacramone’s fist on some tool’s face.


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