Francesca Fioretti Is Hot, Was Here At The 2010 WSOP

Francesca Fioretti at 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa poker tournament

All eyes were on Ante Up For Africa this past Saturday.

Italian model Francesca Fioretti of Grande Fratello fame (yeah, no idea what that is either) played the 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa charity poker tournament on Saturday, and to get straight to the point, fucking A she’s hot.

We’ve said it before but Italy produces some of the hottest girls anywhere, and even better, they’re still completely sexually objectified thereparaded around on television in next to nothing and commanded to dance at will. It’s like the exact opposite of what the Taliban stand for. So the next time you wonder if the so-called War on Terrorism is worth fighting for, ask yourself, do you want to live in a world where women are oppressed and told to wear burkas or one where they’re liberated and told to take their clothes off? Couldn’t be any more black and white.

Our photos below of Francesca Fioretti playing Saturday, along with David Alan Grier and Phil Ivey, at the Ante Up For Africa tournament.

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Full Gallery: Francesca Fioretti at the 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa poker tournament


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