Hot Poker

No, this has nothing to do with the Cinci teen that attacked his old man with a glass bottle and a fireplace poker.

Kids these days.

Ll2This post has more to do with Card Player weighing in on the whole, "why is poker so hot/has poker peaked/is it a fad/what’s next" argument and our general take on poker this year. 

Yes, we did cover poker’s fadiness way back when, but you didn’t see it cause we had about 10 readers at that time.  By now, we hope it’s been established that poker’s been around for awhile, that everyone is just catching on, and these articles won’t keep popping up come next year. 

And there’s plenty of reasons why the poker "fad" keeps steamrolling Js1along.  First of all, it’s still hot with celebs, and since celebrities are better people than us, it will remain hot with John Q Public.  Because we’re all sheep.  It’s like, can you believe Nick & Jessica split?  And was Lindsay Lohan seriously poisoned??? Did Jessica do it cause Lindsay is trying to get with Nick? You heard it here first on

But seriously, back on track, the 2006 WSOP ME has added an extra Day 1, so officials are anticipating even more players than this year’s record-breaking 5,600+ field.  And now that the WPT is allowing logos, online sites are filling those games with more players, translating into bigger jackpots.

Wicked Chops Poker will be detailing the rise of poker in 2005 later in the month as we highlight some of the top poker stories of the year.  We’ll start this weekend with a diddy on the PartyGaming vs. Empire Poker war of the roses.  Keep an eye out, faithful reader…


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