Hot Russian Spy Anna Chapman Wanted To Start Online Poker Site

Anna Chapman Russian Spy photos

Nothing confuses our penises more than a hot ginger chick like Russian spy Anna Chapman (above).

Anna Chapman, a hot ginger (also known as the “Cintia Dicker Conundrum“), is one of the “alleged” Russian spies recently arrested in New York, and according to a so-called friend on Facebook, she was trying to raise capital to start an online poker venture.

Says Fox News:

Another Facebook acquaintance, Alexander Sasha Galitsky, a managing partner for a Moscow-based Almaz Capital Partners, told that he did not know Chapman personally.

“She tried to raise capital for her online real estate business,” he said in an e-mail Tuesday. “After this she tried to speak about some other initiative like online poker, but this is out of our policy.”

Doesn’t sound like she got far in her efforts to become the next Ruth Parasol or even starting a site like this but she was successful in posting photos to her Facebook account, which you can view below. She definitely looks hot in some of the pics, although based on our extensive visits to Russia(n porn sites), girls like Anna are a ruble-a-dozen over there. Let’s just say if we were gonna spill our quote-unquote secrets on a Russian girl, we’d rather it be Inna Meremerenko.

Photos of hot Russian spy Anna Chapman below.

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