Howard Lederer Apologizes to Jimmy Fricke for Calling Him a “Freak”

LedererShowing some good PR sense, Howard Lederer has apologized to Jimmy Fricke for calling him a "freak" and a "weird dude." Smart move on his part, because Lederer needed to nip this Fricke flap in the bud before it got out of control and generated 800 posts on 2+2.


Anyway, the whole ordeal pretty much drew to a close when Freak Fricke posted the following message:


I just received an apology letter from Mr. Lederer himself. He asked to keep it private, so I won’t be saying anything other than the fact that he sent it and I accepted. He regrets saying what he said and said some other nice things. I think this thread has run its course now.

T-minus one hour until bacon sushi.

Good to see Lederer own this at least, do the right thing, and apologize.

Get caught up on the thread here. Photos of bacon sushi here. Thanks again to reader 4Dragons for keeping us posted.


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