Howard Lederer Thinks Jimmy Fricke is a Freak

GobboboypwnsfulltiltOne time at a previous job, a friend of one of the Entities, a nice, normal, smart dude we’ll call "Jackson," was dating a friend of one of the Entities, a nice, attractive, cool girl we’ll call "Penelope."

With two emails open at once, one a "Reply to All" to his team (around 10 people), the other a "Reply" to his girlfriend, "Jackson" begins typing a message to "Penelope." It started, "Hey Honey Bunny…" and then went on to discuss dinner plans or something faggy that guys do for chicks when they’re in love and first start dating.

The other email contained a bunch of corporate mumbo-jumbo.

You see where this is going.

"Jackson" accidentally emailed the "Honey Bunny" email to his team, and no one could look at him quiet the same afterward.

361110370_f331e47affThe point to this story is that email errors happen. Even to sharp dudes like "Jackson." And we can all probably agree that in poker, there’s almost no smarter dude than Howard Lederer. So when Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke (at right), he of second place finish at this year’s Aussie Millions, emailed team FTP about a possible sponsorship for next year’s Aussie event, he could reasonably expect a kind reply back. Which makes it very unfortunate that one of Howard’s employees, while telling Fricke that a sponsorship is not in the cards, accidentally forwarded The Professor’s internal response regarding a Fricke sponsorship, in which he calls him a "freak" and "weird dude." Fricke then proceeded to put the correspondance on 2+2.

Read more on the 2+2 thread here. Read more on Jimmy Fricke here.

* Thanks to 4Dragons for the tip and the image above. Larger version here.


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  1. sal-man

    November 10, 2007 8:52 am, Reply

    wow..getting called a freak and a weird dude by Lederer is like getting called a slutty ho by paris hilton.

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