Hoyt Corkins’ House Robbed; WSOP Bracelets Stolen – UPDATE w/ PHOTOS

"Kenna, you won’t believe this shit…"

Hoyt Corkins has been Hoyt Corkin’d.

The cowboy’s Las Vegas house has been robbed. Everything was taken. His bracelets. His cars. His piano. All gone.

We’ve learned that Hoyt’s been vacationing for a month in Florida. While gone, his manager went to go check on Hoyt’s Spanish Trails house and discovered the robbery. Apparently a large hole was put in the back of the house to get everything out. The place was gutted.

Now we’re no detectives. As far as you know. But Spanish Trails is one of the nicest, upscale, gated/secured communities in Las Vegas. So the term "inside job" comes to mind.


UPDATE: We received photos of Hoyt’s house after it was ransacked and a photo of the motorcycle that was stolen. They’re posted in the forum here.


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