HPT Is Like A Less Evil Version of Rasputin, Not Dead, Still Holding Events

Like Keeley Hazell, HPT is back after a brief hiatus.

Despite FS+G‘s best efforts to repeatedly kill it off, the Heartland Poker Tour is still alive.

FS+G shot HPT, drowned them, poisoned their food, quartered them, locked themselves in a room with the entire staff after consuming bath salts and tried to eat their faces off, and even tried to off them via erotic asphyxiation, which was kind of hot. They basically did everything short of hiring fanatical muslims to fly a jet into HPT’s Fargo headquarters.

Yet, like the song “Alive and Kicking,” HPT is alive and kicking.*

HPT is holding its first post-FS+G event next week at Route 66 Casino, which is known by no one as the “Bellagio of Albuquerque.”

Keeping up with the WSOP’s almost-year-of-the-woman momentum, Jen Mastrud, a woman, has taken over operations of HPT. Ginny Shanks, also a woman, oversees operations for acquirer Pinnacle, not a woman.

The R66 has a $250,000 guarantee, or approximately $250,000 more money than FS+G made during its epic operational run.

Get more details here.

More new pics of Keeley Hazell in FHM in the thumbs.

* Ok not as good as our Fast & Furious over-reference. Eff off.

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  1. Brian G.

    July 20, 2012 2:21 pm, Reply

    I live 12 minutes from the joint. They used to have a really nice poker room but there were never really any games going, The “Bellagio of Albuquerque” is hilarious, I will give you that.

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