Hug It Out, Bitch: Introducing Jamie Gold

As we approach dinner break on Day 4, the entities of Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC have found Gold.

Jamiegold_1Jamie Gold.

Hollywood agent to the stars.

Gold, from Malibu, is a member of Team Bodog. We can assume that since his last name is "Gold" and he’s an agent, he’s probably sick of the Entourage jokes. So we will keep them to a minimum.

Gold grew up in Paramus, NJ and lived in Manhattan. He’s been a steady climber throughout the 2006 WSOP, and is now stacked over 800k (currently in the top 10). Clearly drawing on his "agent skills," we’ve seen Gold talk a player into folding when he needs them to fold–and calling when he needs them to call. True Jedi mind shit.

Gold once had private poker lessons from Johnny Chan, who helped him hone his wicked poker chops. But when he’s not going "boom!" at the poker tables, he’s more known for discovering, nurturing, and launching the careers of Johnny Drama, Vince Chace, and Turtle some of the most respected and successful artists in the entertainment business. His impressive list of current and former clients include actors James Gandolfini, Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu, actor/singers Brandy and Ray-J, ex/current Fugee Pras, pop-star/producer/actor Donnie Wahlberg, Kristin Davis, Lisa Raye, Melora Walters, Felicity Huffman, Natasha Henstridge, Roger Lodge, David Straitharn, Vanessa Marcil, and Tony Award winner Hinton Battle, and poker legend Johnny Chan.

Solid. Gold.

We’ll keep you posted on how Jamie is doing throughout the night, as he’s shaping up to be one of the best stories out of this year’s WSOP.


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  1. emily post

    August 11, 2006 9:18 pm, Reply

    You looked so good with Chris Tucker on the stage. Too bad he wasn’t smart enough to want to settle down. You married beneath you when you married that king of the cow pasture. He isn’t even handsome and if he’s like most of those caribbean men I bet he’s LOUSY in bed. I guess a condition of that marriage was for you splash it all over the American front pages because when black sexy movie starlets like yourself marry an American man it is kept secret – like Janet Jackson, Beyonce, etc. He wants to make as much money off you as he can as fast as he can. Lisa please be careful and don’t lose your life down there like Aaliyah and Left Eye. If you build houses and put your money in their banks you’re going to end up broke. Keep your money in the U.S. under U.S. divorce law.

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