“I Want My Voice Heard.”
“Why?” “Cause I Feel Like I Got One.”
Taylor Hicks Will Win American Idol Tonight

Taylor_hicks_sings2_003While we here at Wicked Chops Poker may have a case of the McPheever that’s so strong that the only prescription is more cowbell, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think Taylor Hicks will "be crowned" American Idol tonight.

And just because that little twerp Ryan Seacrest tempted us with the following line about Katharine: "week after week, she’s proven that she’s got the chops," well, that won’t sway our pick. Although it was tempting.

The American Idol results show may or may not be a staple viewing requirement of the WCP Wednesday night home game.  While about 30 million households may or may not watch AI every week, the fact that we may or may not do watch it doesn’t not make us uniquely qualified to pick the winner for this season.  The fact that we’ve accurately predicted every departure in the top 12 does. 

And with that, we’ll go with our pick from the get go (which was against all conventional wisdom, mind you)…Taylor Hicks.  While many may have caught the McPheever, more people will have jumped on the Soul Patrol.


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