If Begleiter or Schaffel Did This, Then They’d Be Good for Poker (TM)

Ultimately at the end of the day, we love poker and want what is best for the game.

So we’ve been racking our collective brains trying to figure out what it would take to move Steve Begleiter and Kevin Schaffel out of the “Meh” column and into the “Good” one.

Which lead us to this: who doesn’t love seeing middle-aged white guys losing their shit on the dance floor? Next to getting blown, winning the lottery, and perhaps seeing the birth of your first-born child, there’s nothing better, right?

So if we can get some form of a commitment from Steve Begleiter or Kevin Schaffel to do the above Holy Ghost dance upon winning the WSOP Main Event, maybe, just maybe, it would lead to a boom of growth among the plus-50 crowd. One can only hope…


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