I’m Not Your Friend (Remix)

This has close to nothing to do with poker other than the Entities love South Park and we have to do with poker. So…as noted in this blog a few weeks ago, Canada on Strike is one of our new all-time favorite episodes of South Park. And the “I’m not your friend, buddy” banter is a staple of our daily conversation now.

Lucky for us a YouTube user named SelfX86 feels the same and made one of the greatest remixes ever in the history of the world. If this guy got a hold of The Poker Rap that song would probably blow the fuck up. At least get him hooked up with John Parr. That guy needs a comeback album.

I’m Not Your Friend, Buddy Remix


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  1. Joe Schmo

    May 11, 2008 8:29 pm, Reply

    Brilliant….my buddies and I have been laughing at that episode for weeks since we saw it…

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