“I’m Urinating Right Now”

GarrettBrad Garrett of Everyone Loves (or Loved) Raymond sits comfortably at table 126 getting a massage. He raises 1000. The big blind calls him. Flop comes up Qc-10d-9h. The big blind checks, and Garrett moves all in. The big blind studies Garrett. “What?” Garrett says to him, cameras rolling. “You want a tell? Here’s my tell. I’m urinating right now!”

That pretty much sums up the feeling of many of the remaining rounders, all hoping to last another day. Defending champ Greg Raymer survived two all ins at the ESPN featured table (once when his A-K busted a Q-Q). After getting rivered twice and going down to 3k, his two all ins has brought him back over 7k.

FischmanScott Fischman’s stack is dwindling at table 38 (a little under 7k), as is Phil Laak’s and Layne Flack’s. While the Unabomber has taken off his gray hoody, his girlfriend, Jennifer Tilly, has taken off. She’s out of the tournament.

And as is custom, Phil Hellmuth STILL hasn’t shown up. But Chops and Colin did have a great talk with another Phil during a break. Phil Gordon has a DVD coming out called Final Table. We watched some with Phil and it looks impressive. Keep an eye out for our review, coming soon.

Phil_wcp_1Back to the tables, action is picking up. Some dipshit wearing a full-sized Elmo Muppet head gets told by the tournament director to take it off. Elsewhere, after being down to 3k, Josh Arieh is back up to around 16k. And in a blaze of glory, Gank goes out, ending what was a strong WSOP for him.

Elmo_1Moving around, it looks like Eskimo Clark is sitting strong with over 22k in chips. Both Devilfish and Ted Forrest are over 16k. And Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has about 15k.

So while Brad Garrett may be urinating right now, some poor sap (“PS”) at Erik Seidel’s table is flat-out pissed. With a board showing Qc-Tc-Ts-9h, his opponent moves all in. PS thinks about it for a long time, then calls, showing K-K. His opponent shows A-K. Great call, should be rewarded, right? The river spikes a Jack, making a straight and producing a beat so painful, even Erik Seidel looked pained about it. Wait, that’s how he always looks…


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