Introducing Federal

Federal1_1We don’t know much about Igor “Federal” Trafane.

We know that he’s from Sao Paulo, Brazil. We know that he has some seriously wicked poker chops. We know that he qualifed for the main event on And we know that there’s a good chance he’s a trained assassin, or at least he sure as hell looks like one.

We were first introduced to Federal on Day 1 by our good friend Maria over at Need An Ace, and we’ve steadily watch his stack grow over the past 3 days where it now stands just under 300k before the dinner break. We saw that Maria did a post on Federal over at Need An Ace and we have no idea what it says, ’cause the only Portuguese we know are phrases that either get you slapped in the face or an STD.

So check out what Maria says, if you read Portuguese, here or read the version after the jump.

FEDERAL – we go to speak of FEDERAL neh puebs? THING more incrivel! Yesterday I, WEDGE and Fabiao we were of prontidao in the room expecting he arrive – he arrived in a capable energy of lighten the empire state building! With 153K, played incriveis (he is going to count or I count afterwards with calm) this with the cabeca muitoooo good, giving a lot outplay, doing wonders with the letters and bets, nao I have comentarios. You ally, he eh the Super one Man of the WSOP and the Fabiao and the Wedge alternate like criptonita, pq the Wedge it to you doing tables and forms elaboradissimas in the excel (that ninguem haul of him understands!) about blinds versus average, versus chip leader and shorts stack, as much as tokens the Federal one should have at the right moment 1.27 of the day 3, as much as tokens he should have versus the blind at the right moment By before. Stop that neither the NASA is going to unmask, but the everybody we thank us to the Wedge the tables that he it to you doing for Federal. The Fabiao – when the Federal one will have break is going to be like this: the WEDGE raising the tables and speaking for the he attack for the right with K9 suited, and the Fabiao playing water in the expensive one of him, secando with the towel and speaking “you can of the it”. I soh I laugh! Federal poker team mounted it to you! With that team of support, more the game of him, the calm, to paciencia, finally, tudooooo, see that see!!! BORA FEDERALLLLL!!!


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  1. marta putz

    August 12, 2006 10:41 am, Reply

    Loved “Introducing Federal”, I know him and really admire what he is as a card player (and trained assassin!).
    The translation of “Need an Ace”, no words, this is Maria Eduarda.

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