Introducing Poor Man’s Patrik Antonius

A little something something (sort of) for you 2+2'ers...

Not sure who this guy is, but since who knows if Patrik Antonius is actually going to show up and play the 2010 WSOP Main Event, this might be the closest you 2+2‘ers will get to nirvana. We’ll just call him Poor Man’s Patrik Antonius, even though Tiffany Michelle seemed to prefer him over the real PA if you watched today’s This Week in Poker.

In somewhat related news, it looks like the numbers are up again. Day 1B brought in almost 1,500 players. That would be up signficantly (9%?) from the 873 last year.

Whoever Robert Miller is, he’s the early chip leader. But you can’t build Rome in a day and you can’t win the Main Event halfway through Day 1B.

Get full early and incomplete chip counts here.


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