Introducing Tyler Pendleton

Pendleton1We first came across 27-year-old Tyler Pendleton of Lubbock, Texas when he was in the middle of a huge pot that had him pushing all-in on the turn with a board showing a possible straight and a flush draw. Pendleton, seen in the foreground of the photo, put his head down immediately after going all-in while the player in the 4 seat contemplated the call. The clock was eventually called and with two seconds left, the 4th seat tossed his chips in and showed an over pair of Jacks. Pendleton rolled over pocket Aces and said, “Don’t suck out on me.” He didn’t, and with that pot Pendleton was up over 200k.

We came across more about Pendleton via this nifty “search engine” thingamajig called Google.

Here’s what Pendleton had to say about himself at, where he qualified for the main event:

First of all, I play at no site other than Absolute Poker. Was lucky enough to turn 2.20 into 11,000.00!! I’m 27 years old out of Lubbock, Texas where I’m working a dead end job, and counting on the 2006 WSOP to put an end to that! I finally got my internet connection solely to play online poker. Was playing for about a month and a half before astonishing myself and winning AP’s first main satellite for the 2006 WSOP. I must admit, I did read Doyle’s SUPERSYSTEM 2. Sure I’m a rookie, but feel I deserve the seat after first qualifying in a 2.00 qualifier then won the 10.00 qualifier and on to winning the 11,000.00 main events. I did not sleep for a week after doing so and basically was freaked out. Looking forward to visiting Vegas for my first time and taking my shot at lots of cash.

We’ll keep track of Pendleton on Day 3 to see how the rookie does.


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  1. ChicagoSlim (Lubbock)

    August 2, 2006 7:21 am, Reply

    Keep it up Tyler…you and Shawn Rice are the only two Lubbock-ites remaining..>No pressure…

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