Investigators: Richard Lee’s Operation a Family Affair (and People Still Use Rolodexes)

Rolodex2The case against this year’s WSOP main event 6th place finisher, Richard Lee, continues to build, with San Antonio police recently raiding the home of Lee’s wife’s cousin, Michelle Stiehl-Guerra. This is coming on the heels of a raid on the home of Larry Davenport, Lee’s son-in-law, in connection with the case, which suggests that Lee’s alleged bookmaking operation was one big family affair. Which is kind of sweet, when you think about it, if it wasn’t a federal crime and all.

The warrant said Stiehl-Guerra, who went by the name Chele because this is San Antonio, maintained players’ lists for Lee, and during the raid, police reportedly seized a Rolodex, address book, computer CDs and cell phones.

A Rolodex?

People still use Rolodexes? That’s fantastic!

Did they use a suànpán to do their accounting?

Anyway, read a great article about the latest in the Lee case here and a TV news story here, which reports that all of Lee’s assets are still frozen, including the nearly $3 million dollars he won at the World Series of Poker.


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