Is Dennis Phillips The New Oliver Tse?

Dennis Phillips: Poker Agent?

Dennis Phillips: Poker Agent?

With Oliver Tse closing his agency doors, it looks like someone new is stepping in to fill the void.

We’ve been watching Dennis Phillips from media row hanging with Mike Carroll (remember him) and a few others as they carry on discussions with various players remaining in the Main Event.

Naturally, we were like, “What the fuck are those two doing together?”

Turns out Phillips is trying to broker some Poker Stars deals for players. Phillips has gone as far as following players into the bathroom and approaching them for deals. We even overheard him telling Jordan Smith that he wanted to take a picture with him, then tried to talk him out of a deal with another site and with Stars.

Multiple industry sources have said that he’s not just pushing players to Poker Stars as an advocate of the site, but that he is doing so to get a cut or percentage of the deal.

Listen, we’re all for people making an extra dollar, especially in The EconomyTM, but Phillips was the “regular guy” who wanted to stay “above the fray.” And by befriending and directing these people to only one site, he’s limiting the bargaining power those individuals have with other sites to get a better deal.

Looks like Phillips though is quickly making the transition from “poker ambassador” to “poker agent.” And if that’s the case, will we see “Salty” Joe Hachem, Daniel Negreanu, orĀ Phil Ivey brokering deals at next year’s WSOP?

Probably not.

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  1. DJ Sly Bri

    July 15, 2009 11:11 pm, Reply

    Mr. Phillips, Mr. Warhol called. Your 15 minutes was up months ago. Please return to your regularly scheduled trucking job.

  2. kne perez

    July 16, 2009 3:50 am, Reply

    Why is this guy even still around???? Someone please let him know that no one cares what he has to say…maybe he can do a “Where are they now” with Jerry Yang and Chris Moneymaker in a few years…oh wait he didn’t even win.

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