Is Jamie Gold the Next to ‘Back’ Brandi Hawbaker?

BrandihawbakerHanging with the crew at as Event #8 broke for dinner, we saw Jamie Gold in his all-too-familiar-from-last-year rapid hallway shuffle to the pisser, sans the bodyguards, with none other than the freaky ass Brandi Hawbaker hot on his heels spreading pestilence on unsuspecting passerbys.

Our penises curiously gazed at the narcissistic, hot-enough-to-bang, flame tosser but thankfully the penises were smart enough to dive for cover as she got closer. They may not look it, but our penises are frickin’ Einsteins . . . that is, if Einstein was known for sensing the herp from a few steps away.

JamiegoldwsopSo what’s up with Brandi Hawbaker and Jamie Gold palling around? Is the 2006 WSOP champ “backing” the former pageant girl? Is she the next member of Team BuzzNation? Will our penises’ curiosities ever get the best of them?

Well, team of writers have already jumped on the Jamie Gold-Brandi Hawbaker sighting, so read about it there. We on the other hand are busy trying to convince our penises it’s OK to come out now.


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