Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever?

Nickelback sucks. They really suck.

Nickelback sucks. They really suck.

One of our favorite “early years” posts was on some rocker charity tournament in Vegas but it basically consisted of Nickelback sucking.

The Nickelback forum went on to bash us, but drove lots of new traffic to the site, so thanks for that.

Anyway, we always wanted to get around to making a site devoted to breaking down all of the reasons why Nickelback suck and specifically, if they are the worst band in the history of the world.

Looks like somebody beat us to the punch. Go to:


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  1. Lee

    October 9, 2009 7:51 pm, Reply

    i was gonna invite you to come listen to some nickelback with me and then go see saw 6 but fuck it now. sincerely, creed

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