Isabelle Mercier and Dario Minieri Are Very Discreet

Isabelle Mercier cougar'd Dario Minieri last night

Our “Caption This” photo of Isabelle Mercier and Dario Minieri just got more interesting.

If you weren’t among the few thousand people last night at the PokerStars party who witnessed firsthand the new and improved Isabelle Mercier getting it on with our favorite scarf-wearing Euro Dario Minieri, then consider yourself lucky. Maybe if it happened a few weeks ago when we still thought Dario was a chick, we’d think it was awesome. But now, that shit just ain’t right. Not sure why. Perhaps it’s because we hear Dario had cock-blocked Bill Chen. Or maybe because Dario’s a little boy and we have laws about this kind of thing.

Just ask Sheiky.

After the jump, an exclusive WCP photo of Isabelle reading Dario a bedtime story . . .


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