iSeriesLIVE Now Live, James Dempsey Wins

FU U.S. government--we're missing out on live betting on live poker.

For our degenerate international readers, iSeriesLIVE is underway.

The event shows player hole cards live and allows viewers to bet the action–live.


Early action has the consensus “value pick” of Faraz Jaka holding a big chip lead. Carlos Mortensen was and early short stack, but as of post-timeTM, has climbed back up.

View the live vid stream live here.

Bet the action in licensed jurisdictions here.

UPDATE: James Dempsey, who was the universal “value pick” at 9/1 when betting lines first opened, captured the title, earning 100k.

Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott came in second, banking nothing. Maria Ho was third. Phil Hellmuth was the first eliminated.


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