Isildur1 Is Back at the Nosebleeds (UPDATE)

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isildur1 has made his long-awaited return to high-stakes action on Full Tilt.

In around a 30-hour session, isildur1 logged $732,753 in earnings.

And again, a good chunk of those winnings came from durrrr. In fact, the only pro that made a dent in isildur1’s bankroll during the session was Isaac Haxton, who posted a profit of around $90,000 in NLH heads-up action. From there, isildur1 decimated Justin Bonomo‘s bankroll for $567,515, and then took the aforementioned durrrr for around $232,000.

After getting in the positive against durrrr, isildur1 tried to switch games from PLO to NLH. This set off durrrr, who typed in the chat box:

ur too annoying to deal with / play for hours then the second u get up u want new game

Good stuff. Expect another flood of nosebleed action the next week until the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Read the full durrrr/isildur1 chat transcript and recap of isildur1’s session here.

UPDATE: Interestingly, the guy many think is isildur1, Viktor Blom, is playing the EPT Copenhagen event on Wednesday. While we’re not exactly detectives, we have watched enough Batman movies to know that if isildur1 logs a few hours of high-stakes action while Viktor Blom is playing the EPT Copenhagen event, that would probably put some rumors to rest. Follow Blom at the EPT Copenhagen event here.

UPDATE II: Looks like Blom has been eliminated (here).


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