isildur1 Winning Big Again on Tilt

Megan Fox has never denied being isildur1.

Lots of isildur1 action in the nosebleeds on Full Tilt again.

On Tuesday he logged a $1.4Mish winning session against Cole South and Brian Hastings. He just wrapped a brief encounter with Justin Bonomo and as of 3:00pm PST is waiting stationed at 6-7 tables waiting for someone to join him.

In March alone, isildur1 is up over $2M.

We briefly sweated isildur1 for the first time yesterday. About 99% of the comments were definitely people rooting for him, and about 98% of the comments had something to do with Brian Hastings weight issues. Even isildur1 got in on the ripping-Hastings action, at one time calling him a “stupid donk.”

Anyway, read more about isildur1’s latest session here.


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