It Was Carter ‘ckingusc’ King’s Bong

2008 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event winner Carter 'ckingusc' King has come forward and said it was his bong that Michael Phelps was snapped taking a pull from last November.

King is now facing a marijuana possession charge from South Carolina police.

Says King in a 2+2 thread:

“thats funny cause thats my house my bong and my computer in the background and the only thing that story got right was that its him in the picture. there i said it.“

King also said he did not try to sell the bong on eBay. Read more at Bluff Magazine here.

In related news, Phelps apparently is finding safe refuge in strip clubs now (link). In further related news, below is Bill Maher's take on the Phelps bong story. Thanks to reader Gravity King for the link.


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