It’s Not Looking Good for Richard Lee

Richard Lee better be friends with politicians and judges and DAs in San Antonio that love him as much as he claims to love San Antonio.

Otherwise he’s fucked.

Richardleevideo_1_2According to San Antonio’s Express News, Richard Lee, known in San Antonio gambling circles as "The Chinaman" and also the "biggest bookie in town," has been running an Internet gambling site called (which stands for BoxSeatBetting and claimed to be "an advanced sports wagering club offering VIP customer service, excellent odds, live lines, downloadable desktop scoreboards…" but which in the past 12 hour or so has apparently been shut down) more or less out of his home.

While Lee has yet to be charged, it’s not looking good, as the article lists what appears to be a mountain of evidence against him.

Looking back over the past month, and particularly at his rambling "I love San Antonio and my t-shirt" press conference last week, what’s interesting is how Lee said over and over again that he didn’t want to endorse an online gaming site. He didn’t want the obligations of being affiliated with a site and he didn’t want to travel much away from San Antonio, which in itself proves there’s gotta be something fishy going on, given how badly that city sucks. But now, it all makes sense–why endorse another site when you’re secretly running your own?

While this is all bad for Lee, the city of San Antonio could look a lot worse too, if that’s even possible, because also allegedly seized from Lee’s estate is a "list" containing the names of prominent San Antonio figures.

Which might be the only explanation as to why Lee HASN’T been formally charged yet.


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  1. felipe gonzalez

    October 31, 2007 11:50 am, Reply

    Well my partner Antonio is gay and the girl to the right is pretty darn hott.. not to mention the third girl on the right on the picture below it=)

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