Ivey Leaguer

Ivey1Poker prodigy Phil Ivey won his 5th WSOP bracelet last night, defeating Robert Williamson III in Event #27 ($5,000 Omaha Hi w/ re-buy).  At just 28, he now owns five bracelets, moving him up with some of poker’s greatest names on the all-time WSOP bracelet list. 

Ivey took the title on hand 290 of the final table. Ivey limped in on the button and and Williamson checked. The flop came up 8-7-4, and Williamson bet out $40,000.  With typical aggression, Ivey raised Williamson, who called the raise, putting himself all in. Ivey flipped his cards to reveal a ten-high straight (10d-6c-5s-4c).  Williamson had two pair, holding Ac-8c-2c-2h.  The turn and river do not help Williamson, and Ivey claimed the victory, earning $635,603.

Ivey has been on fire in tournament play this year, with five final table appearances in major events, including his two on the World Poker Tour.  Ivey won his first bracelet in Omaha Hi in 2000 (against Phil Hellmuth and Amarillo Slim).  What’s most amazing about his recent tournament play is that he has been focusing so much–and with great success–on cash games.  His winnings in the Big Game (played against Greenstein, Chip Reese, Brunson, etc.) are reportedly astronomical the past two years.  Now with his 5th bracelet, Ivey continues to show why nearly every pro considers him the best in the game.

Also of note in this event, Allen Cunningham finished 4th, earning $141,245 and pushing his 2005 WSOP earnings to nearly $1 million.  Phil Hellmuth also cashed, finishing 8th and earning $70,625.  With this final table finish, Hellmuth re-claims the all-time WSOP cashes lead (49) over Berry Johnston (48).  Men the Master has 47.


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