J.D. Newitt Subpoenaed By New York District Court

According to sources, JDN has been subpoenaed by the Feds...

According to multiple sources, Jason “JDN” Newitt has been subpoenaed to appear in the U.S. District Court (Southern District of New York) on September 14th.

While the exact nature of the subpoena hasn’t been confirmed, sources claim that it is regarding Full Tilt Poker.

The Southern District of New York has been investigating online poker companies for some time. Whether this is just part of a discovery process on how online poker companies operate, or something more serious, is not yet known. But when JDN sued Tilt last year, he certainly put himself and the company out there for further investigation if the Feds wanted to dig.

JDN could not be reached for comment as of post-time.



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