James Gandolfini’s Current Agent Vouches for Jamie Gold

Jamiewithbodoggirl_1Michael Friedman, who is hands down our favorite Card Player-er, is reporting that James Gandolfini‘s current agent, Mark Armstrong, has stepped forward to vouch for Gold’s mercilessly ripped resume, stating in a letter:

‚ÄúJamie did indeed represent as an agent or manager James Gandolfini (who I currently represent), Lucy Lui, Felicity Huffman, and Jimmy Fallon, who he helped bring to Los Angeles from Albany to get his start. Any inference otherwise is incorrect.”

Yes, any inference otherwise is incorrect, which is another way of saying that it is so correct it’s incorrect. Kind of like the word infamous, which if you aren’t a Three Amigos fan, we’re losing you here.

Speaking of infamous though, Defamer, the gossip blog that’s so famous it’s infamous (really go watch Three Amigos again..such dumb humor, it’s weird we like it so much), has been leading the charge on the “inference otherwise” front ever since it reported back on August 14 that Jamie Gold may not be “as agenty as previously claimed.” In their story then, Defamer shared what someone–who would be best described as “not a Jamie Gold fan”–said about the WSOP champ, including the following:

“I speak for the masses. Please stop Jamie Gold, and his millions of lies.
Jamie Gold never represented any of the people he keeps saying he has. Lies, lies, lies. He was an ASSISTANT, and then a very very junior agent at a small agency in the early 1990’s who MIGHT have taken messages from some of these people, before forwarding them to their real agent.”

A week later though, Defamer eased off the “inferences otherwise,” by publishing a pro-Jamie letter from Lane Davies, a one-time client of Gold.

Jenniferberry001So what is the truth about Gold’s resume? We honestly don’t give a damn. Why? Because this isn’t … well, we were going to say this isn’t Miss America … but we wouldn’t care if Miss America lied on her resume either, especially if she was hot and put out. And they all do. Trust us. But for those who do care, you may find out more soon in Card Player Magazine as Michael Friedman just returned from Hollywood where he interviewed Gold extensively for an upcoming feature on the 2007 world champ.

Until then though, we recommend giving Three Amigos a view while you spruce up your own resume a bit with some harmless name-dropping (really, it does work wonders and no one checks this shit out as long as you don’t become really, really famous) and perhaps spend a little time searching the Internet for photos of Miss America 2006. It’s a blast.


2 Responses

  1. William Sumner

    August 31, 2006 6:15 pm, Reply

    If he is really an agent why in God’s name would he need to give up half the seat for someone to get a couple of “D” list celebrities to wear Bodog gear?

  2. Jordan from HighOnPoker

    September 1, 2006 11:40 am, Reply

    “Gold, did you say you got a plethora of stars to wear Bodog merchandise?
    Yes, El Guapo.
    Gold, do you know what a plethora is?
    No, El Guapo.
    So, how could you tell me that you got a plethora of celebrities to wear Bodog gear when you do not know what a plethora is?
    I don’t know El Guapo.”
    Does that answer your question, Mr. Sumner?

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