Jamie Gold Can Change Speeds

Jamie Gold is showing some versatility to his game. After betting at a bunch of flops in the previous level, Jamie is slow-playing/playingmoreconservatively now…and still winning pots. He also talks a ton, is usually telling the truth, yet no one believes him, and calls off their chips to him anyway. He just did it again (we’ve seen him do so in earlier rounds), taking down a big hand after limping in early position, facing a raise from Richard Lee and call from Allen Cunningham, and coming over the top big, telling Lee and AC he had a huge hand, but this time they believe him and fold, and he rakes somes more chips.

Moving on, other observations:

:: Richard Lee is playing very well.

:: Rhett Butler apparently doesn’t like to play many hands, except remove the "m" from "many."

:: William Chen, winner of two 2006 WSOP bracelets, joined the broadcast booth. He’s got one of the largest heads you’ll ever see. That guy could block the sun out if he stood on Mt. Everest.


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