Jamie Gold Is in It for the Competition

Jamiegold16Crushed with ESPN cameras as he continued to flatten the field, Jamie Gold, former super agent to some of Hollywood’s biggest names, proclaimed "It’s not about the money. I’m in it for the competition."

Which would make sense. Gold, who has been a veritable quote machine, lives in Malibu and has represented megastars James Gandolfini, Lucy Liu, and Felicity Huffman among many, many others. He’s also currently heading up production at Buzznation. He probably has crazy mad "the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC" kind of cash already. So of course then he’s in it for the thrill of the competition and the battle to capture that WSOP crown.

So can Gold break the stranglehold PokerStars has had on WSOP winners the past few years? Team Bodog sent 400 players to the 2006 WSOP ME and have five remaining. PokerStars sent another bazillion players this year, and have 27 remaining, including Kyle Bowker (2,272,000), Dmitri "DinoDaPro" Nobles (1,270,000), and online star Eric "Rizen" Lynch (1,085,000).

BodognationStatistically, maybe the odds are still against a Bodog breakthrough. But a win by Gold or another TB member would send Bodog Nation into a frenzy. We have visions of scantily clad Bodog girls (like new Bodog Babe Izabella) at poker tables everywhere. This could truly be a good thing for the sport of poker.

Also looking to break the PokerStars WSOP ME championship hold are the actual pro players. It’s been since 2001 since a pro, Carlos Mortensen, won the championship event. Pros still in contention include Prahlad Friedman (1,558,000), Jeffrey Lisandro (1,208,000), a woman named Annie Duke (919,000), Humberto Brenes (835,000) and Allen Cunningham (503,000).

Pros that were eliminated towards the end of Day 4 include David Chiu, who was playing very well but apparently isn’t anymore, and Aaron Bartley, who we are told to care about because his name is in red in the Card Player chip count updates.

Only 135 will remain when play picks back up today at noon. Get full leader chip counts at Card Player and check back here or Tao of Poker for "live" coverage.


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