Jamie Gold Wins Huge Pot – Puts Hurting on Cunningham

Jamie Gold just won a huge pot off of Allen Cunningham and [to a lesser degree] Erik Friberg.

Both Gold and Cunningham flopped trip nines, but Gold had the better kicked (10-9 vs. 9-7).

Gold is up to 32M and Cunningham down to 12M.

In other news, Jeff Madsen just joined the broadcast booth. Phil Gordon introduced him as the youngest person to ever win two WSOP bracelets to which Madsen replied, "Thanks Bill. I mean, whatever your name is."

Kid still has a lot to learn. Like class.

UPDATE: At the break, Gold has 32M+, Lee has 16M+, and Cunningham has about 13M. Everyone else is far behind.


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  1. Kid Dynamite

    August 10, 2006 4:47 pm, Reply

    i can’t BELIEVE that interview on ESPN where Gold says he didn’t want to win… jeez…
    and by the way – calling Einhorn an investment manager is like saying Bill Gates owned a software company… Einhorn runs a $3BILLION hedge fund, and is worth, I think, SEVERAL hundred million dollars. He’s reportedly wicked smart…

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