Jamie Gold’s Mom Jane and Robert Varkonyi’s Wife Olga Didn’t Win WPTL Event

Have you seen Jerry O’Connell’s Tom Cruise Scientology parody video yet (below)? Hilarious stuff. We’ve been fans of O’Connell for awhile–from his Sliders days to nailing Rebecca Romijn as his wife–and this just makes us like him even more ’cause the guy has some serious big balls to mock Tom Cruise and Scientologists. That’s right, we like the guy more because he has big balls.

We unfortunately don’t have the balls to poke fun at Scientologists and one of us even won a big balls contest in the 10th grade, which just goes to show that having a huge nut sack when you’re 15 doesn’t necessarily make one brave. We will share with you though a Scientology Orientation video that creeps the fuck out of us. It’s #4 in a 4-part series someone posted on YouTube, and while the testimonials in the beginning from Kirstie Alley and John Travolta are worth viewing, the part that begins just before the 7:00 mark where the host basically says you can dive off a bridge and blow your brains out if you don’t become a Scientologist is the good stuff. Creepy good. To any of our readers who are Scientologists, good luck with that.

Watch that video here.

Oh yeh, just caught a glimpse of the headline above and remembered this post was supposed to be about the debut World Poker Tour Ladies league event at the Borgata. So yeh, Jamie Gold‘s mom Jane and Robert Varkonyi‘s wife Olga didn’t win. Some other woman did. That’s all we got.


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