Jamie Gold’s Personal Videographer Pissed, Will Auction ‘Negative’ Footage on eBay

Jamie Gold's videographer auctioning video footage of the WSOP Champ
Rae Valentine, the videographer who followed Jamie Gold around pretty much everywhere the WSOP Main Event champ went for several months before, during and after his controversial win in the summer of 2006, is set to auction off all of the video footage he has of Gold on eBay which he claims will “validate some of the negative imagery surrounding the life of Jamie Gold.”

Says Valentine on a website he created recently:

“On August 10, 2008, the 2-year anniversary of Jamie’s World Series Of Poker 2006 win, I will end a 5-day auction on Ebay providing the winning bid with all video content associated with the Jamie Gold Project, in its entirety. Maybe this day will prove to be lucky for me. I truly hope whomever ends up with this content has the same passion I once had of making a compelling movie documentary, even in it’s moments of controversy, as interesting and entertaining a story, I know it to be.”

Valentine claims that he was hired by Gold per a “gentlemen’s agreement” (Jamie’s good at those) to produce a behind the scenes movie documentary and had followed Jamie “through airports and hotels, limos and casinos, from Los Angeles to New York.”

Valentine alleges that their friendship soured after Gold’s win and that he has lost “an estimated $150k” because apparently Jamie no longer wishes to use the footage for a documentary, which we can’t really blame Gold for considering how sucky poker movies are doing at the box office.

According to Valentine:

“A majority of the footage shows Jamie as an arrogant, paranoid, at times over-the-top individual who through all of his imperfections can be quite entertaining as he plots strategies (while in the comfort of his hotel bed with two plain clothes security guards posted just outside his door) on how he will defeat each of his opponents in the final days leading up to his poker world series victory.”

Arrogant, paranoid, at times over-the-top, and with security guards? No, not the Jamie Gold we know. No way.

Check out all of what Rae has to say on his website, including a few transcripts from the footage featuring none other than our good pal Crispin Leyser, here.

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