Janne Lamsa Not As Good Looking as Keeley Hazell Pics From Last Post, Is Day 1a Chip Leader at WSOPE Main Event

JannelamsaThe second biggest thing going on across the pond today (the first being Keeley Hazell’s new spread) was the 2007 WSOPE Main Event.

Day 1a just wrapped with Fin Janne Lamsa (at right) as chip leader, stacked at 115,850. Lamsa has two previous cashes in "major" tournament play in Helsinki.

Lamsa is followed by Huseyin Yilmaz (99,575), whose name sounds like some kind of Arabic alien. Also among the chip leaders are Phil Hellmuth (82,825), somebody named Andrew Feldman (76,650), who we have confirmed is NOT this Andrew Feldman, and somebody named Joseph Serock (60450), who we have confirmed is NOT Joe Sebok.

Day 1b starts tomorrow at 2pm London time, which is around math math math EST and math math math PST.

Get full chip counts and live blogging from PokerNews.com here.


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  1. Johnny Hughes

    September 11, 2007 6:36 am, Reply

    How dare you attack Betty Grable or compare her to the no-talent hussies whose tits you worship? Back in the day, show business people actually had talent. She sang, danced, did perfect comedy. Did you know Betty Grable juggled.? No! Can Brandi or Paris Hilton or your focus women juggle or do anything else?
    Why did the G.I.s all love Betty? She came there. She was up on the USO stage, singing, dancing, doing perfect comedy, and juggling. She was a patriotic symbol. This is September 11th. America could sure use a Betty Grable now.
    Johnny Hughes

  2. snake

    September 11, 2007 7:22 am, Reply

    Thanks for the email and now comment Johnny, it is hands down the best we’ve received in the past few months…the way you weaved in the juggling and all, ’cause you know we love juggling. Except honestly we prefer it when it’s midgets doing the juggling. Oh and the Sept. 11 reference, out of nowhere, in response to a post we did pimping Keeley Hazell… absolutely brilliant.
    Keep them coming and all the best,

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