Jay-Z Has a Bad Idea

Not sure wtf is going on today, but people/companies we usually think are spot on are misfiring on all cylinders.

Jay-Z is the Phil Ivey of rap. He’s the SEC football of hustling. He’s married to the Daniel Plainview of women.

He’s seriously got it all.

Except a good website.

Earlier today, Jay-Z launched lifeandtimes.com, a website covering a whole bunch of stuff, but nothing particularly well. In the above vid, they use a poker game to promote the site, we think, except we’re not too sure what the hell is going on or what they’re talking about. Even Curtis Hanson thinks he can make a better poker video than that.

Get it together today, people.

At least this thread is still delivering. Turns out the old bearded guy is really blind.


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