Jayde Nicole Can Take a Bad Beat

We mentioned earlier this week that Jayde Nicole would be among the celebrities on the new PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge this weekend.

What we didn’t mention is she’s also the girl that scumbag Joe Francis (allegedly) smacked down in a bar in LA. Francis called her a liar. Unfortunately for Francis, there’s this thing called “video” that most establishments have these days for security purposes. For a guy who likes to point a video camera at everything, and by “everything” we mean “18 year-old girl’s boobs,” you’d think he’d have known about this crazy surveillance camera technology, no?


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  1. lovetolaugh

    October 8, 2009 6:43 pm, Reply

    Glad to see poker is updating it alumni to include someone as stunning as Jayde Nicole! As for the francis the freak, that disgusting piece of trash needs to go far far far away forever!!

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