J.C. Tran Has Spectacular Breasts

Louise_glover_smallJ.C. Tran (at right) simply has the best breasts in the world.

Nobody’s breasts are hotter right now. We think it should be fairly easy for us all to agree upon this fact, give or take a Keeley Hazell. His breasts strike fear in the hearts of men. When his breasts sit at a poker table, everyone stares. His breasts mesmerize.

Now replace all of the above about "breasts" with some reasonable facsimile about "poker" and somewhere in between lies the truth.

And the truth is, as reported by Card Player:

Since October of last year, [Tran has] cashed eight times for $2.6 million. He won almost $700,000 of that just last night by winning the $5,000 World Poker Tour’s World Poker Challenge held at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno .

With the win, Tran banks $683,473 and now leads the POY race, just as we predicted he would yesterday.

Tran beat Juan Carlos Alvarado heads-up for the title. David "The Dragon" Pham* placed third. Mark Seif finished fourth.

For full results and pay-outs, click here. For more (super NSFW) pics of Louise Glover’s spectacular breasts, here.

*Not a real dragon.


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