Jean-Robert Bellande Has Up and Down Day at WPT North American Poker Championship

Layla2Like a roller coaster or some other metaphor that symbolizes having an up and down day, Jean-Robert Bellande, that kind of obnoxious poker player with the French sounding name who is on Survivor: China right now, had a roller coaster day.

Starting Day 2A as chip leader with over 200k, Bellande’s stack diminished down to around 60k. He eventually rebounded back to 214k by day’s end. We’re pretty sure something got cracked or someone called his bluff or sucked out on him for that swing to have happened. Whatever.

Bellande trials chip leader Kofi Farkye, who is stacked at 404,900. Second overall is Joe Cassidy with 330,500.

Of the 79 remaining, notable names include Dale Pinchot (255,000), Lee Markholt Jr. (239,100), Scott Freeman (215,000), star of Meerkat Manor Jeff Madsen (213,200), Scott Clements who will fucking kill you (205,900), Nordberg! (175,500), Bill Edler (167,800), David Singer (148,500), Jonathan Little (143,900), the spectacularly-breasted JC Tran (at right, 142,200), Allen Cunningham (131,800), Nick Schulman (128,200), Tuan Lam (108,300), Jen McCarten, a woman (99,700), and Barry Greenstein (67,900).

Get full chip counts here.

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