Jean-Robert Bellande, That Kind of Obnoxious Poker Player with the French Sounding Name Who Is On Survivor, Leads WPT North American Poker Championship

Jean_robertIf we had been watching Survivor: China, we’d be very aware of the fact that poker player Jean-Robert (pronounced Roe-bear, so gay) Bellande was doing what he seems to do best: annoy people.

But unfortunately we lost all interest in Survivor like six years ago, and lost even more interest recently when Survivor’s first pick for a poker player, Daniel Negreanu, decided against it, and then lost even more interest because this anorexic Courtney chick keeps popping up in all of the scenes this season. Skinny chicks are cool. Super-skinny chicks are creepy as hell. It’s like, she had a good idea, "Hey, I want to be skinny," but then she took it too far. She needs to refocus her efforts on more productive obsessions, like blowjobs.

Anyway, according to the WPT tourney reports (on the excellently redone WPT website), Bellande has been regaling his table with his Survivor exploits during the WPT North American Poker Championship. Says Bellande:

"Every girl in camp was annoyed with me and I didn’t care."

This remains consistent with what we read on a Surivivor episode recap:

Arriving at the private retreat, Fei Long squeals with excitement as tea and snacks are laid before them. Immersing their exhausted bodies into steaming bathtubs of clean water, Courtney is careful to distance herself from Jean-Robert in order to fully enjoy her break from the game. "He took the [tub] on the far end; I took the [tub] on the other far end. Every single part of me wants to see Jean-Robert go. I just don’t like him, he’s a horrible person."

So he may be horrible, annoying, and have a French-sounding name, but he’s riding high as Day 1C and overall chip leader, stacked just above 200,000.

Play resume tomorrow at noon EST, when Day 1A "Survivors" (led by Jonathan Little at 164,000) and Day 1B "Survivors" (led by Marc Karam at 126,200) all come together.

Get full chip counts here.


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